Monday, January 26, 2015

There is life

... after the iPhone takes a plunge into the water. After the initial OMG, what do I do?, panic all around we tried some of the known things to resurrect our beloved assistant, life line, friend, and distraction:

RICE - emerge the iPhone in rice. The rice apparently soaks up the water.

After two days - nothing
After three days - nothing
Four days - nothing

Then we tried packing the iPhone in rice in a plastic bag, nice and tied - except this time we put the package into the refrigerator.

Time goes by, a new iPhone takes the place of our beloved one and we are good.
Several weeks later at the monthly "clean out the refrigerator" exercise we found the iPhone nicely wrapped in the back of our cleaning project.

Of course now the suspense was overwhelming - is it still alive? Unwrapping it like a Christmas present wiping it off with a DRY paper towel we turned it on - NOTHING.

Next step was to actually try to recharge it since nothing happened before. So we did; life went on and by chance we looked at it several days later and low and behold it turned on, a miracle. It was in full working condition, camera, apps, and, oh yeah, telephone function, except by now a new iPhone has taken the place of our old companion and the we were informed to call the telephone company.

BTW - throw the rice away, don't reuse it.

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