Wednesday, April 15, 2015

GigAEye WiFi Camera

Yet another "toy" to play with, the GigAEye, a small but versatile IP camera. Years ago I used bigger and much more expensive IP cameras which you could remotely control. Technology advanced so much that this little camera runs circles around the larger version.
Once you get over the installation process it works well. Installation is not necessarily a breeze, but not too hard. The software provided, however, including the mobile app, is not that great.
From a web client it is very easy to manipulate the camera remotely. Not so much on the mobile app.
Due to the lack of consistent performance by the software I switched to the open source ispy program for a more constant monitoring.
If anything is a breeze to setup and connect, this program is, and it is free. Once you setup a free account the camera view is available from anywhere. As far as the camera is concerned it is a great gizmo with surprising clarity and mobility. The price is relatively reasonable at around $50.

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