Sunday, June 7, 2015

Life without a smart phone Day I

Since my iPhone gave up communication to the mother ship I realized (again) that most of the daily "support" items are conveniently located on the device. It is not very apparent at first, but then it surfaces one by one. Grocery shopping - all my bonus cards are stored inside my little helper. So instead of logging around a heavy bundle of half torn cards they are neatly organized with hints of "deals" for a particular store. Normally I don't pay too much attention to it, however, today I bought 10 items on sale for $.69; without the card it amounted to $22+ with tax, with card the total was $8+.
Another nuisance is the time. I don't wear any jewelry, watches or bracelets on my arms. The time is on my smart phone, now I have to rely on the sun dial. Traffic alerts are the next vital item I got used to. One of the streets was blocked due to some construction. Normally I have an advanced warning that the road is not usable - today not so much. It is Sunday, I can't wait what happens during the week.

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