Friday, May 1, 2015

Senseless Departure

Everyday you read and hear in the news about shooting, mugging, murder and mayhem. After a while you tune all of it out, after all, there is your life to live, bills to pay, games to play, movies to watch and all the news reported events seem very far away from your own life.
Until one day the news do affect your life because the person in the news was somebody you knew personally. Perhaps you shared a dinner just a couple of weeks ago, attended a family event together, or spend time talking about this and that on a regular bases. The impact is traumatic, especially if you know that it was just the beginning of his life. Reaching out in the world to establish what could have been a life worth living, however, his life was cut short. Nobody knows why, just the how.
The impact on the last fleeing moments of his life created a tremendous ripple effect throughout the family. Normally it is said that your life flashes in front of your eyes just seconds before you die, the same can be said if somebody close to you passes, except it is not your life but the valuable moments you spend with this person. Nothing can prepare you for this. If it is a long lasting illness you might be more prepared, but not when it just happened an hour ago and by force.
Perhaps it could have been prevented - or not, perhaps the prevention should have happened a long time ago - or not, perhaps somebody should have ... None of it happened and nothing will change the final outcome. Helpless feelings and disbelieve is all there is left for now. Perhaps you will always remember the flashing smile, the sparkle in his eyes, his courteous behavior or the daring efforts to do something right - perhaps that is how he should be remembered.

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  1. I concur All that is left are the memories in pictures but most of all the love in our hearts. I miss you Matt