Saturday, April 18, 2015

Customer Support

I wrote that I would blog the results of the customer service interaction in regards to the Zubie and the Misfit products.
So here are the results:
Zubie, after the initial email it was suggested that my car was incompatible. Could not have been since it was working and can show that on the map/trip history. Next round was an elevation of the request with the result that the engineers showed only low traffic on the GPS. Therefore it should be the product, since the GPS on the iPhone and other gizmos is working fine, even the Zubie app reports my location taken from the iPhone GPS function. All the emails were accommodating and left me with the assurance that something is being done. Today I received an email requesting a destination address for a replacement unit. Overall rating for the customer service 5 out of 5.
Misfit customer service:
Equally accommodating with clear instructions on what to try and do. Nothing worked and the almost immediate response was an RMA number link. I sent it in two days ago, now I'm waiting for UPS to notify me that my new unit is there. Rating 5 out of 5.
We will see if it is consistent since I also purchased BOLT, the new LED wireless light bulb and one failed on the second day ...

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