Friday, January 9, 2015

Activity Tracker

After I watched the world cup in soccer last year, one statistic stood out and remained in the back of my head which was the distance a player runs during a game. Being an avid soccer player myself I set out to find a tool which was able to do so and was not hindering the playing. Nike had a need little gizmo you attached to you shoe and it would track the steps, however, the application went to the smart phone which prohibits the tracking while playing. Around Christmas time I browsed through the computer stores' fitness sections to look at the gizmos on the market.

Of course the offers were manifold. During play time you are not allowed to wear any jewelry so that ruled out any arm wearable tracking device.
Then there is Misfit, a small round disk with a clip, wristband or necklace style wearable. It was not expensive if you opt for the hard plastic model called "Flash" for $29.99. The app is free and shows you steps taken, calories, sleep cycle etc etc....

I do question the sleep cycle tracking, however, it does give you an indication on the "good" deep sleep cycle.

For me the more important part was that I was able to wear it on my hip invisible to others, small enough to not be felt if a ball hits it or I collide with another player.

It comes in different colors and, of course, has a lot of different add on pieces for a price.

If you are simply want to track steps without being obvious about it I can definitely recommend this one.

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