Monday, May 29, 2017

Samsung 8s

After years and years of being  a part of the iPhone family, and Apple Corporation, I finally decided that it is time to switch to a different platform and cellular telephone.  To "put on a new face" if you will.  

My latest iPhone, which is the 5s (yes, there are later versions) emitted so much heat after a 30-minute drive using GPS that  I was not able to touch it for a couple of minutes.  Not to mention the additional exposure to sunlight, which made the phone scream for some shade.  Clearly, one could potentially cook an egg on it -- but no -- in case you're wonder, I have not tried it.   Last but not least, the iPhone quite frequently decided that it needed to reboot at the most inconvenient moments. All of this, plus the renewal and  upgrade to a new phone tipped the scale towards my yearning and need for something different.

Meet Samsung S8, which even with all of the hype, the ads, the reviews, and more, did not convince me as much as the actual use of a Samsung S7, which I had the opportunity to test run for a day.  The look, the feel, and the capabilities of the phone went beyond simply a new user experience.  Forget the exploding batteries, user errors or whatever circumstances that contributed to reports of dissatisfaction.  In my humble opinion, unmistakably, this cellular telephone is the cat's meow.  The phone has exceeded my expectations by more than a mile.

Not only for its sleek design and  masterfully crafted engineering, but for its functionality and software --  it undeniably actually  blows anything else out of the water, while I realize Android users have been saying this for years.

Whereas now, the iPhone seems a clunky relic of past times,

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