Wednesday, February 25, 2015

South of the Arctic Front

The invasion of the very aggressive cold went way beyond the Mason Dixie this year. Thankfully there is a more south than the before mentioned line drawn sometime between 1763 and 1767 demarcating the north and the south. Not only being at the side of a relative for his wedding, but also to welcome this event as a much needed escape from the repeated visits of Mr. Frost and his lingering around for days on end. Considering a variety of transportation options to the warmer grounds of the most southern state, the actual driving was chosen for economic reasons. Given that the gas prices are very low at the moment, the round trip amounted to one third of that of a flight and rental car for two people. And the answer to the most asked question this time of the year if there is a warm spot left in the US is a definite YES.

After a non eventful drive from the northern tip of the southern part of the Mason Dixon line we watched the temperature going up slowly but surely as we tarted through the night. At first it was 21 degrees, by the time the sun came up somewhere in South Carolina the thermometer reached 36. Georgia measured a whopping 43 degrees around 10 am, followed by triple the amount from the night before at Daytona Beach.
Well, just to clarify, going to hell and experiencing the heat is vertical down, we went horizontal down, and, yes it got warmer too, but not hot by any means. However, there was an exciting exclamation when we arrived at our destination - it was 77 degrees and sunny. We shed the warm cloths like snakes shed their skin, but much faster.

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