Friday, March 20, 2015

Diet Day 1

Although I'm a very active person, it was time for the spare tire to be deflated.

Today I'm starting a three week journey I have never taken before - a diet. But not just any diet, this one is tailored to reduce the body fat and the weight.
Since I have been tracking my health status for some time now, I know that my BMI is shouting out that I'm overweight for my height. My last checkup produced some raised eye brows on my doctor's face when we discussed diet and weight.
So here I'm embarking on this diet recommended strongly by my personal physician Dr. D, who amazes me on an ongoing bases with intricate knowledge about the body's interaction with food.

Here is the plan:  

loose 20 pounds in a controlled fashion in 21 days

yes, that is at least one pound a day. Where did I hear that before? Everywhere ... For me it meant to go from

to this

But I also wanted to go from 

 So the plan starts with: eat everything fatty under the sun for three days and gain as many pounds as possible - good start to the diet.

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