Thursday, February 26, 2015


Yet another gizmo tracking not only your whereabouts but also your car. I read about it last year and it sounded interesting. Now there is an actual use for it within my application. Best Buy has it, sometimes you find it as a stand alone display case, other times it is located in the car section of the store. It retails for $99, however, it will cost another $99 per year for the WiFi subscription after a year of your initial purchase.
Installing it easy, download the app and follow the instructions - a simple step through process. After you locate the service plug in your car (mine was under the steering wheel) plug the Zubie into the port - there is only one way to plug it in*. It will blink for a while and instructs you to start driving, however, it will take up to 30 minutes to actually show up in your app.
Now for the long term testing, I will ramble on about it during the next weeks ...

* Note: I used the iPhone as a mirror by using the front camera and holding it under the dashboard.

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