Saturday, April 18, 2015

Diet and Sports

The initial 21 days of the diet are over, the result was an overwhelming success. Not only did I weigh in on the last day at 163 with a body fat mass of 21.6% but also my energy level went through the roof.
One event I noticed it the most is my weekly soccer game. I play the striker position since my endurance allows me to run "fast" (relative term) during the 90 minutes of game time. I did that before, but now it seems much easier, naturally because I'm 20 pounds lighter and did not loose any muscles.
The first game of the season was during my 500 calories a day phase so the result on the field was not very overwhelming. Today was a different story. My calorie intake went from 500 to 1,500 calories a day which makes all the difference in the world. This is called the stabilization phase. As a result I was "on the ball" today. Did not score but had a good effect on the game. We tied at 2 all, which is a good result considering that our opponent usually prevails. The difference today was the fact that the majority of players showed up and we had six substitutes, all good players. In the first half it was a give and take. Our team took over the midfield during the second half for the better part of the half. The result is a mixed bag, a zero all would have been all right too since both teams played their heart out. I'm looking forward to next Saturday ...

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