Sunday, April 12, 2015

Diet Day 20

Time flies when you are having fun. It seems an eternity has passed since I started this diet. Meanwhile I feel much better, lighter, and much more alert. However, my soccer game on Saturday proved otherwise, my reflexes were not present at all.

The weight loss over the last two days was slow, half a pound or close to it. I can look at the scale past my stomach without bending forward - hurray!!!
Imagine to wake up and carefully slide your feet on the scale, I do that since in my mind I want to ease the scale into it, and hope for the best. Well, the best was there this morning:

164.1 pounds : fat mass 23.4% : BMI 24.9 
(below the recommended 164.4 pounds top for weigh,t and the top 25 BMI  level - by a hair)
19.655 pounds : fat mass 5.8% : BMI 2.9

Although the fat mass played tag with the weight several times, this one is higher than my lowest one of 21.2% a couple of days ago. But I'm confident that the fat mass will drop again.
Here is another really nice thing about this diet - inches off your waist. It was nice to put on my pants, close the button without taking in my stomach and the latter not hanging over the pants and making them look tight like skinny pants.
Tomorrow is the last day of the first phase. Tuesday kicks off 72 hours (not 3 days) until the second phase starts.
Dr. D is a genius

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