Thursday, December 10, 2015

Neato robotics

So a new gizmo, a neato robotics vacuum cleaner.  Courtesy of a friend of mine on a trial basis.
Whenever something says easy to setup I'm skeptical, was it designed by the engineer, inventor, or the marketing team? If you design something it makes perfect sense - to you only.

In this case I was pleasantly surprised that the initial setup was easy. The unpacking was easy, only one wrapper fastener to cut, everything labeled clearly with instructions what to do with the item.

Notice the personal approach language. This is step one.
 This is the content, two pieces and clear instructions - impressive.
Setup time: unpacking 5 minutes, programming the robot 5 minutes, finding the right spot for it priceless ...
The menu options are easy to understand and to program. There are options for spot cleaning or a schedule for daily cleaning of the entire living area.
It took only 15 minutes on its docking station to be ready for spot cleaning. After that I programmed it to clean everyday at 9:30 am, and on weekends at 10:30 am. Then, promptly at the programmed time it turned itself on which sounds like a mini jet engine, and off it went wiggling its way through the house. Although I strongly recommend to let it do its cleaning chores while you are away, the sound of the roller could get a little bit annoying.
From hardwood floor to carpet, over door dividers, under the bed, pushing light objects around, encountering solid objects which causes it to change directions, relentlessly covering the entire accessible living space. There are boundary strips which come with the robot to let it know that a certain area is off limits. However, I wanted to test it and see what it does on its own.
Most impressive are the moves it makes around corners, and it does not get stuck on the edges of carpets with fringes, instead it turns off the roller and backs up. After 45 minutes it covered two bedrooms, living room, dining room, and a small kitchen. Once it decided that it is done it returns to the docking station, all there is left to do is to empty the dust pin, clean the filter, and the access from the roller to the dust bin.
Overall it does an excellent job of keeping the living space clean on a regular basis.

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