Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to "one of those again"

Two years ago I wrote about "one of those again" movies. Since then I came across many of  "one of those again" detritus movies. Some worse than others, although I'm not sure what is the next lower level of worse. Some of the "movies" or "documentaries" about conclusions or ill devised interpretations of a possibly bad drug influenced mind crossed my path today on Amazon Prime nevertheless. I always thought that some of the documentaries about aliens were very much far-flung interpretations of existing ancient art or artifacts. However, this one is definitely is taking the cake

Alien Contact: Secret Societies PosterAlien Contact - Secret Societies

Reality Films is a world renowned producer of cutting edge films by world class authors, researchers and experts from across the globe. From Ancient Mysteries, UFO’s and Aliens, Secret Societies and Conspiracies, The Paranormal and Occult, Quantum Theory, Prophecy, Spirituality, Religion, Esoteric Teachings, History and much more, Reality Films ventures into mysterious and unknown realms with its unique brand of life altering documentaries and feature films. Visit exotic places, mysterious realms and discover the secrets of all ages by entering a domain where Strange Is Normal
Reality Is What You Make It


Budget (estimated) $1,000,000 for a slideshow "documentary". There list of "movies" is tremendous, but all garbage more or less. OK, so I started watching it and fast forwarded through this ill received piece of "art" and now I'm wasting my time to write about this grab too - must have been really bad.

Actually there are numerous distribution and production companies out there who throw anything at the consumer for a buck. One company wrote back that they made their money with the DVD and recommended another DVD produced by the same company - which equally or more than bad and that was just reading the title. However, the executive who responded to my email quit afterward siding that this company is not worth it (not the exact words - just cleaned up). 
I concluded that I'm in the wrong business ...

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