Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diet Day 8

A grueling first week. I'll spare the details, like eating the wallpaper of the wall and such. However, it started out not feeling too bad since I was still full from the prior days overeating. The withdraw from the sugar and starch, speak bread, was somewhat unexpected. Thanks to unlimited coffee which acts as a hunger suppressant I got over the worst parts, although I struggled in the sleeping department somewhat.
In order to be successful with the diet one has to follow the guidelines to a "t". When it says 100 gr it means 100 gr with little or no deviation. Yes, the portions are small but with some magic fillers like salad this can be overcome as well. Here are some of the meals:
100 gr ground beef with pickles


Lots of water, at least 64 oz a day. Here is the first intermediate result:
172 pounds : fat mass 25.2% : BMI 26.1 as of this morning.

Lost so far
11.755 pounds : fat mass 4% : BMI 1.7

Onward Upward ...

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