Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Curiosity got the better of me last night and I watched it. Although the trailer looked somewhat promising, the movie itself was not as good. Michael Mann did a good job directing it in his personal style, the plot line itself was very disappointing.
I suppose that the "cyber" movies will become more popular in this day and age, however, the content needs to be worked on big time. I thought that Sneakers, a star studded movie from 1992 or Enemy of the State from 1998 had more debt than this movie when it comes to technology.
There were several BIG questions marks in this movie. One of the first ones was the possession of a smart phone in a prison cell. Perhaps it was to establish the "hacker" persona, who knows. Others included the display of the code, Norton Utilities to the rescue. I have seen smarter decoding or reverse engineering schema scenes. And, above all, downloading a key logger within the NSA - seriously? If it would be that easy any 13 year old "hacker" could do that routinely. Using a hotspot as a connection for a Dropbox, why? To use android advertising? Bluetooth would have been less conspicuous bad guys.
Then there is  the motive of this entire schema. Some wild looking Aussie with some bad ass following doing all this for what? Obviously not to take over the world, but have some gain in the stock market? Since it was so easy to get inside the targeted dam, would it be more efficient to just blow the dam, and, if you have all this money already and perhaps access to more, why go thru all this?
All in all from an entertainment point of view, not too bad. From a "cyber" point of view - lousy. I'm not sure if even the general public bought this one.

    1. 5.4/10·IMDb
    2. My rating 3/10

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