Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just a reminder

Once in a while things happen out of the blue. Some of them are little reminders that we are all temporary fixtures on this planet. Even though this occurrence was not earth moving in general but it was a reminder that things can change at a moments notice. One day everything seems fine just to turn around within hours, minutes or even seconds, creating ripples in the sea of life - screaming mortality.

Two weeks ago it was such a day. A very good friend of mine complained about pain in the lower intestine. After a checkout at the doctor he was rushed to the hospital for further investigation of the problem. Luckily it turns out that it was nothing serious.

Today was such a day. It was my beloved soccer day, although every day is a special day in my eyes, this event is a special bond between mind liked individuals. Whether we win or loose is not that important since we play for the "fun" of it. We deemed lucky that we are able to play given the advanced youth we all possess.
It is customary to be at the field early to get ready for the game, socialize and to have a chance to watch the second half of the previous game, given that we don't play the first game of the day. It was a relatively mild day with a nice breeze, ideal for a "friendly" soccer game.
During the second half all eyes were on a beautiful pass to left field, which was skillfully defended, when one of the defenders collapsed in midfield. The game was halted and players attended to the downed player.  It was not a foul, he just dropped to the ground. First it was speculated that it was the heat but it turned out it was more serious. Experienced CPR-trained players were applying their skill to the fallen player and the ambulance was called and showed up six minutes later. After what seemed like an eternity the player was transported on a stretcher to the ambulance with the hospital as its destination. It was only later during our game that the sad news spread that he never made it to the hospital and passed away.
Rest in peace, my condolences to his family.

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