Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It started last Friday. I noticed that the gears were slipping a little bit when I was backing out of a parking space. Driving home after my soccer game on Saturday produced a slide backup since the forward gear slipped completely and the car would not move. I was lucky enough to pull into a side street without causing a major backup. I pulled over and turned the car off to check if there was something obvious going on, which was not the case. Then I turned the car back on and, low and behold, it drove forward without a problem. However, it happened again just one mile down the road. Same procedure as before and I made it home.
After consulting with the all mighty internet I decided to give Trans Tune by Sea Foam ® a try. I was hopeful since the car moved forward without a problem after I followed the manufacturers instructions administering the fluid. Did it really work or was it just a fluke? I'll find out tomorrow.

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