Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gearless Part Deux

Yesterday I used a cleaning fluid for transmissions to test if it was a matter of cleaning the transmission from accumulated varnish and other deposits which might have caused this erratic behavior. I'm certain that it is not the transmission fluid since I had the transmission flushed and the fluid exchanged just two weeks ago. Since, I drove nearly 1,400 miles without a problem.
This morning I set out to unload a motorcycle I had in the back of my van. The destination temporary storage is about 20 miles away. Piece of cake. I made it to 13 miles when the gears started slipping while I was driving on a straight road. So much for the solution I had hoped for.
After several telephone calls and two and a half hours of waiting my car was towed to a preferred auto shop, motorcycle still in the back of the van. What next?

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